Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ricky gervais: before the office...

so, i've known this for quite some time now, i think i just found it randomly on youtube at some point.... or maybe i read it on wikipedia...

anyway, ricky gervais, comedian and creator of the british series the office, was a singer in a somewhat popular band in the 1980s. The group was called seona dancing and they're actually alright. they're a whole lot like 80s bowie and prince. still... i can't believe this is the man who later portrayed infamously absent-minded david brent... which ricky do you prefer? the young musician or the middle-aged office manager? i choose both.

merry-go-round @ the hollywood palace

Friday, November 19, 2010

cute trailers!

both of us are extremely interested in living in cute trailers at some point. do you think you can handle trailer life? above are some pics of cute trailers that i wouldn't mind living in...

interesting sidenote: i searched cute trailers on google to the result of about 10 pics of cute trailers and about 100 pornographic photographs. guess that's what i get for hating censorship!

classic shoegaze/90s alt rock

when we shape shirts, we think of guys like bob, paul and steve.

more shootin' the shit..

i could eat my weight in pistachios.

shootin' the shit...

i love the jazzy music that plays in the background of arrested development.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

don't take no for an answer.

best thing i've heard in a while...

the bomb dot com. i found this on iso505.


richard prince #3

richard prince

Monster Truck

richard prince

gangs: girlfriends

william eggleston

so... it's been a few days since we started the blog and we've hardly written any sort of information about us (the easter sunday recording company) and our goals... so here goes it!

the easter sunday art collective is the conceptualization of victoria flick (bluberry hill) and jonathan clowdus (dolores), two artists and self-proclaimed prodigies living in downtown portland, oregon. the collective is an attempt to join forces in order to further our chances of making a splash in the art world as well as a creative way to shoot the shit. art movements take time to develop and grow, so for now this blog is where we will keep you, the reader, up to date with all current projects that we're involved in. it's also just a place for us to present a collection of things we enjoy and think you may enjoy too. on that note, enjoy yourself.


easter sunday

Monday, November 15, 2010

photos by Jon Clowdus

william eggleston

Musique Concrete


guisseppe archimboldo

radioactive cats by sandy skoglund

: )

anne grgich

welcome back to rock talk.

european starlings by paolo patrizi

magoo is the shit.

great combo... betty is the cutest. also a bit of a hussy... satchmo is great as usual.


planet caravan

finally, a car that's relevant to my life.

for the planet pluto, the music tapes

the city has given birth to an art collective.